Gran Turismo 6 Patch 1.03 Available: Problems Already Popping Up, Workaround Available

While Gran Turismo 6 patch 1.03 is now available on PS3, users are reporting issues where the new update won’t even download for them.

To remedy this, the Gran Turismo website posted a workaround, which requires fast fingers:

Steps to Reproduce

  1. When Gran Turismo 6 is launched while connected to PSN, a message will appear on screen informing the users that “the latest update data for this software has been found (Version 1.03)”.
  2. Once accepted (by pressing the X button while selecting [OK]), a “Please wait…” message will be displayed. After a few seconds, the PlayStation 3 system will emit 3 acoustic signals and restarts automatically.
  3. At this point, some users may receive a message stating that the system was not shut down correctly last time. The system will ask then to perform a system file check and then the reboot is completed.
  4. Users will be prompted again to download Update 1.03, whether they received the message in step 3 or not.

How to Avoid This Issue

  1. To avoid this issue, please accept to download the Update by selecting [OK] within 2 seconds of its appearance on screen when prompted. This will update the game properly.
  2. If you wait longer than 2 seconds, please decline the Update by pressing the Circle button when the message in step 1 is displayed, then select [Back] in the subsequent “Sign-In to PSN” screen. The game will start, quit the game using the PS button while in the [My Home] screen and follow the procedure described above.

You’ll likely also receive a “Report this problem to Sony Computer Entertainment?” during step 3 above. Feel free to accept or decline at your leisure.

Now, for what patch 1.03 (99MB) actually does, here’s the major changes:

Release of the Toyota FT-1 Concept coupé

The Toyota Sports Design Concept just announced at the January 2014 Detroit Auto Show is already available in Gran Turismo. You can purchase the car in the dealership as well as receive one as a prize if you obtain a Bronze award or better in the Seasonal Event celebrating its announcement, available only for a limited time.

Interiors for the BMW M4 Coupé Have Been Implemented

The BMW M4 Coupé, which made an early appearance in Gran Turismo 6 with Update 1.02 (released in December 2013), has now been upgraded with a full interior. If you already have the car in your garage, it will be updated automatically. The car can also be won as a prize if you obtain a Bronze award or better in the new Seasonal Event.

Were you able to download patch 1.03 without any troubles today? Let us know in the comments below.

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