Ask PSLS: What Announcement Are You Hoping for in 2014?

January 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


To close out our January Ask PSLS’ and our look forward to the upcoming year, we asked the staff: What announcement are you hoping for in 2014?

Anthony Severino – Just the 2 of Us (@Sev_Anthony)

I’m hoping for an announcement of The Last of Us sequel. It’s definitely coming, and I care about that more than any other game that could possibly be in the pipeline. I’d also like to see something done with the Resistance franchise, but maybe put into the hands of another developer. Finally, I most of all want new IPs. Those are the announcements I look forward to the most.

Cameron Teague – Sweet (@Cameron_PSLS)

I am really hoping for a revival of the Suikoden series on a PlayStation platform. No more crappy DS offshoots, I want Suikoden VI on the PS4 and possibly Vita. I know I wish for it every year and it won’t come true, but I WANT I WANT. On a more realistic wish, more information on Persona 5 would be nice, or a game in the vein of Gemfire for the Vita would be awesome.

Chandler Wood – Crashed (@FinchStrife)

I want an announcement that’s really going to cement that we’re in the new generation of consoles. Perhaps the well cultivated revival of beloved franchises that we haven’t seen in long a while (looking at you Crash Bandicoot!), or an amazing and shocking announcement on par with Disney and Square teaming up to make Kingdom Hearts. I’m waiting for something that will have people talking for years to come, but not in the way that The Last Guardian has had people talking for years…

Dan Oravasaari – Filter it Hard

The announcements that I am hoping for the most in 2014, is to finally get some of the rumored or delayed projects out of the way that we have been hearing about off and on during the PS3’s life cycle. The two names that come to mind right away are Syphon Filter, a game that has been rumored since early last generation, and the infamous Last Guardian, which better have a hard release date.

Jason Dunning – GTeH (@Jasonad21)

If I had to pick just one, I guess it would have to be Sony’s announcement of a big AAA exclusive for the PlayStation Vita. The system is just begging for one right now, and if Sony were able to get an exclusive Grand Theft Auto title (or maybe a crazy awesome new IP), it would help sales explode and bring in more and more developers to the handheld.

I also wouldn’t mind a Resident Evil 4 port on PlayStation Vita…

And a Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS3/PS Vita bundle that saves you $20 or so…

Russell Ritchey – Suite (@RussellCRitchey)

I’d like to see an announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 heading for PS3 as a digital download. Or XSEED announcing the release date of Trails in the Sky Second Chapter, followed by a tentative announcement for the Third Chapter. Or PS Vita TV hitting NA shores. And I’ll back Cameron up on something for Suikoden VI because dammit, why not?

Sebastian Moss – Harro  (@SebMoss)

More, more, more, more. Of course the PS4 needs a bunch of big titles to justify everyone’s purchase, as well as keep the console’s momentum going. Out of those, the biggest will likely be Sony Santa Monica’s big title. But really, what I want is PS Now to come to Europe soon and the Vita to get some AAA titles that people care about.

What announcement are you hoping for in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.