No Multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Knight due to Lack of Time; This is Rocksteady’s Last Batman Game

With the April 2014 digital issue of Game Informer now released to readers, some new details about Batman: Arkham Knight have surfaced, including how the new game won’t include multiplayer, despite Batman: Arkham Origins having it.

Explaining the lack of multiplayer in the new issue (via Videogamer) is Game Director Sefton Hill:

“Right at the start this was our vision. It’s going to take all of our effort for all of this time. We don’t have the time to do multiplayer. We want to focus on making the best single-player experience we can.”

“We don’t feel that it needs a multiplayer element. Warner Bros. backed that up right at the start.”

For some other details about Batman: Arkham Knight, NeoGAF has compiled some key points, including how this year’s Batman title will be the last for Rocksteady, with the studio moving onto something else after wrapping. Also, the ‘Arkham Knight’ in the game’s title doesn’t refer to Batman, but rather the all-new villain Rocksteady has created to offer up the ultimate test to Batman.

As a quick rundown of other interesting points for Arkham Knight, we have Kevin Conroy back as Batman, all previous voice actors are back as well, Gotham City is about 5 times bigger than the map in Arkham City and it’s split into three areas, there are no load times, the Batmobile can be called at any time, and you’ll start the game off with the old batsuit before upgrading later on.

Does Arkham Knight sound like the ultimate Batman game to you? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Game Informer April 2014]