Sucker Punch: “Pre-loading Games on PS4 Will not Happen Until April”

March 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


As we get closer and closer to the launch of inFamous: Second Son on Friday for the PS4, Sucker Punch has given out some key details about the game on their Twitter account, including when you’ll be able to get the game from the PlayStation Store in North America (Europe gets it at midnight):

For North America, the [PlayStation] Store will update at midnight PST… so 3AM EST.

In an interesting addition to that tweet, Sucker Punch also notes that “pre-loading games on PS4 will not happen until April.” This means that you can’t pre-download your copy of inFamous: Second Son before launch so it’s ready to play right away on release day, but future PS4 games will allow this in April. Once we hear more details about this feature, we’ll let you know.

While Sucker Punch was previously definitive in saying that the Cole’s Legacy DLC wouldn’t be available to purchase on the PlayStation Store separately, they changed their wording a little bit today, saying, “Cole’s Legacy will not be available on PSN for purchase for the foreseeable future.”

Sucker Punch added how there’s been no announcement of an inFamous: Second Son PS4 bundle in North America “thus far” and “we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.”

Also, if you snagged an early copy of inFamous: Second Son, there’s a Twitch/Ustream embargo until March 21st (“you risk a DMCA suspension if you broadcast the game before this date”), and the Limited Edition codes may not work until the 21st.

With reviews starting to pop up tomorrow morning for inFamous: Second Son, patch 1.01 is available to download right now, ringing in at 267MB in North America and around 320MB in Europe. Here’s the details:


And here’s what happens when Delsin falls in the water:

When Delsin falls into the water, he is placed on dry land. However, it will not reset the level like in a death.

Are you going to be downloading your copy of inFamous: Second Son? Let us know in the comments below.