Video Game Locations You Can Visit in the Real World

The real world is usually the source of inspiration for many creative thought processes, but even as we like to expand on what is possible, many games still root themselves in existing locations. As such, many of our favorite games over the last few years have either dropped us into the past, present or future but still have brought with them many interesting locations that we can visit today.

Assassin’s Creed

Dome of the Rock – Jerusalem, Isreal

Built in 691 AD, as a monument to preserve the sacred site known as Mount Moriah. A place that according to Jewish belief is where Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice, also known as the Binding of Isaac. Inside the building also lies the spot that Mohammed is believed to have ascended to heaven after his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. [Link]

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock

Assassins Creed - Dome of the Rock

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Colosseum – Rome, Italy

A location made famous by the gladiatorial battles that took place after it was built by the Roman empire in 80 AD. Beside hosting many battles, it was also used to perform animal hunts, executions, re-enactments and classical dramas of the period. [Link]

Italy - Colosseum

Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood - Colosseum

Assassin’s Creed 3

St Pauls Chapel – New York, NY

Built in 1766, by the order of Queen Anne of Great Britain as a ‘chapel of ease’ to allow easy access to the Parish of the Trinity Church. It is also currently one of the oldest buildings still in use in New York today, and is also the location that George Washington worshiped at on the day of his inauguration in 1789. [Link]

New York - St Pauls Chapel

Assassins Creed 3 - St Pauls Chapel

Fallout 3

The Washington Monument – Washington, DC

Built in 1884 in commemoration of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The highly ambitious building started life in 1848 and was estimated to cost $1 million ($543,000,000 in 2011’s currency), but was eventually changed into just being an obelisk during production due to its stop and go construction, as donations for the monument ran out. It wasn’t until after the Civil War, that interest in the location spurred people into action, and after an alternative design was chosen it eventually come to life, almost 40 years later. [Link]

Washington DC - Washington Monument

Fallout 3 - Washington Monument

inFamous: Second Son

The Gum Wall – Seattle, WA

Located next to the Market Theater, Seattle’s landmark Gum Wall has been an icon of the area since 1993 and spans over 50 ft and is around 15 ft high. The slightly odd tourist attraction was started by patrons of the near by theater and only grew as staff eventually couldn’t keep up with maintenance. Since then, the location has become a part of the culture for Seattle natives and has even been the backdrop for a major Hollywood movie. [Link]

Seattle Washington - Gum Wall

inFamous SS - Gum Wall

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Krak of Chevaliers – Syria

Reported to be first occupied by the Kurds in 1030 AD, but changed hands during the first crusade and eventually fell into the hands of the Prince of Galilee. From there it was given to the Knights Hospitaller in 1142 by Count Raymond II, a religious order who turned the location into a place to help the sick and those on a holy pilgrimage. Sadly, most of the original castle was replaced by the Knights Hospitaller in 1170 to replace the Kurdish design, but even that was damaged due to an earthquake. [Link]

Syria - Krak of Chevaliers

Uncharted 3 - Syria Krak of Chevaliers

The Last of Us

BNY Mellon Center & US Steel Tower (UPMC) – Pittsburgh, PA

Mellon Center: Completed in 1983, it is the 2nd tallest building in the city and was the home of the Mellon Corporation until it was purchased by the Bank of New York.[Link]

US Steel Tower: Built in 1970, it is the tallest building in Pittsburgh. It was designed to show off US Steel’s new Cor-ten steel that resisted corrosion from the environment, but has led to a discoloration of the building’s sidewalks and even neighboring locations. [Link]

Pittsburg - BNY Mellon Center and US Steel Tower

The Last of Us

Fort Pitt Bridge – Pittsburgh, PA

Opened in 1959, the Fort Pitt Bridge was the third iteration, replacing its predecessors from 1887 and 1927. Past that, most of the locations notoriety has been derived from its use in movies, documentaries and most recently a video game. [Link]

Pittsburg - Fort Pitt Bridge

The Last of Us - Pittsburg

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