Sony to Continue First and Third-Party PS3 Support as Long as “There is a Good Business”

While Sony’s pushing the PlayStation 4 hard to gamers all over the world, that doesn’t mean it’s abandoning support for the PS3 — at least, as long as there’s an audience for it.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Sony Worldwide Studios America Software Product Development Head Scott Rhodes states that people all over the world are still buying PS3s; and confirmed Sony will support the last-gen console with first and third-party games as long as people are still willing to splurge money on it.

People are still buying PS3s…All the different parts of the world just adopt new technology at different rates. We don’t know how long the PS3 tail will last. We don’t know how it will be compared to the PS2. The PS2 lasted very deep into the PS3 cycle. There was a broad price difference between PS3 launch and PS2 end of life. We don’t know where all this is going to go, but we will continue to support the PS3 through first and third parties as long as there is a good business there for us.

With a reported 80 million PS3s sold worldwide, I highly doubt Sony — and even third-party publishers — will drop support anytime soon. Unless, y’know, they hate money and sales.

Of course, this opens up a new can of worms of now-gen games being held back by last-gen, but that’s a different conversation altogether. For those still playing on your PS3s, don’t fret, games and more games should be coming your way; be it compilations or existing IPs.

[Source: Games Industry via Game Revolution]