Final Fantasy Type-0 English Fan Translation Patch Pulled After Alleged Threats From Square Enix

Just last month, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. The previously PSP exclusive lacks an official English translation, due to which a fan who goes by the name of Sky took the lead on creating a localization patch. Unfortunately, it appears that he has had to halt the project due to alleged threats from Square Enix. 

A post on his blog reads:

Unfortunately I’m forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project. That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans. For the time being I can’t answer questions related to this matter, but I’ll write a more comprehensive post about all this once I get the chance.

The language patch was due to launch on August 8, and going by the comments on Sky’s blog, it looks like many people were looking forward to it. The disappointment is evident, and everyone’s looking for answers, which Sky isn’t providing at the moment. 

If the allegations are true, this is going to be pretty damning for Square Enix. 

[Source: SkyBladeCloud via Polygon]