Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live, Hear About the Secret Epilogue Scene (Update)


With many questions being asked about the epilogue, Neil Druckmann took to Twitter:

To clarify: 1) New epilogue was written for #OneNightLive. 2) It takes place a few WEEKS after the game. 3) He sings Future Days by @PearlJam.

The story below has been updated to reflect his comments.

Original Story:

In case you weren’t able to watch it last night, PlayStation has uploaded The Last of Us: One Night Live (the fun starts at 30:30) to YouTube and you can watch it above to see a live read of some of the scenes, a Q&A, and more.

One thing not shown during the stream was “a special scene Neil [Druckmann, The Last of Us’ writer] wrote, set after the game.” This was saved exclusively for those in the theater, with fans asked not to record it, but that didn’t stop people on NeoGAF from posting about it.

Be warned as there are spoilers ahead!

In the scene, which takes place a few weeks after the end of the game, Joel and Ellie are now living at Tommy’s dam.

Joel is dating a woman from the camp named Esther, and he tells Ellie that Tommy is trying to get them to marry. During this scene, Ellie is acting distant, so Joel pulls out a guitar as a gift for Ellie, plays Future Days by Pearl Jam (Troy Baker performed it live), and promises to teach her how to play.

Joel then tells Ellie a joke (“What’s the bad thing about eating a clock? It’s time consuming”), they laugh, Joel leaves Ellie with the guitar, and the scene ends with Ellie strumming the guitar.

According to people at the event, Druckmann said “before the scene [that it was] is a goodbye to Joel and Ellie” and “that this will never ever be released.” As well, an attendee said, “From the context of the dialogue as well as the song, it sounded to me that Joel initially began writing the song for Sarah, but now it is for Ellie. If I remember correctly Joel says something along the lines of “I was writing this before…. never mind that.”

I guess we finally know what that art featuring Ellie playing the guitar was meant for…


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