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Visceral Games Boss Says It’s “Cool” If People Think Battlefield Hardline is Not a True Battlefield Game

August 26, 2014Written by Alex Co

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When we interviewed Visceral Games developer and Battlefield Hardline Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser at E3, one of the things we asked him was how some people think Battlefield Hardline is just a re-skin of Battlefield 4. 

While that sentiment is still felt by some gamers who’ve played the beta, some have questioned why it’s even titled as a Battlefield game in the first place since Hardline is more infantry-focused, doesn’t include tanks, jets and other features the franchise’s known for. In a video interview with YouTubers SgtRedPhoenix, Chaboyy Azzy and The TwoScotsmen, Visceral Games GM Steve Papoutsis was asked whether Hardline was a “true Battlefield” game, and here’s his response:

I could say, ‘Of course it is!’ But, you know what? It doesn’t matter what I say. I think, ultimately, what matters is that people play it,” he continued. “So, days like today [at Gamescom 2014], where we can have gamers actually play it and make up their own mind, that’s what’s most important — to let players decide for themselves.

Papoutsis added that he doesn’t want to be involved in a game that pretended to be Battlefield, since he has a high degree of respect for the franchise.

When we started working on this game, we had a high degree of respect and reverence for Battlefield. Having played it since the very first Battlefield game, I know how fun it is and I know how much it means to the community, and the last thing I’d ever want to do is be involved in a game that pretended to be Battlefield. So, we’re working really hard to maintain that competitive balance, that great rock-paper-scissors gameplay, that teamwork, that strategy — we’re trying to make sure all that stuff’s in Hardline.

Finally, Papoutsis mentions that it’s “cool” if some people don’t think Hardline is a real Battlefield game, but that they should offer feedback to make it meet expectations.

So, I’ll throw it back to everybody…If you don’t think the game is a Battlefield game and you’ve played it, that’s cool. That’s your decision. But, from my perspective, send us some feedback that maybe we can use to make it meet your expectations more because we want to make a great game. But, at the end of the day, we’re excited and passionate about making a Battlefield game and working with [community members] to really listen to the community and try to make sure it lives up to the standards that the fans have of the series.

Just last month, EA announced that Battlefield Hardline has been pushed to an early 2015 release date due to Visceral implementing changes to the game that fans have requested. 

For those who’ve played the Hardline beta, do you think it’s a real Battlefield game or is EA just capitalizing on the name to shift copies?

[Source: YouTube (SgtRedPhoenix) via MP1st]