PES Developers Liken FIFA Games to Ping Pong, Say PES Plays Better

August 30, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series and EA Sports’ FIFA games are in direct competition with one another. Understandably, developers on both sides would like to think that their product is better than its rival. And this was quite evident when NowGamer spoke to PES developers who remarked that FIFA games play like Ping Pong. 

PES European brand manager Adam Bhatti said that PES 2015 is a realistic game, with better shooting mechanics and goalkeepers. Assistant producer Klaus Garner took the opportunity to criticize FIFA’s gameplay, and remarked:

We have a game that lets you play real football; you can play counter-attacking, possession, long-ball. Which you can’t do in the other title, where it’s more like ping-pong.

Bhatti also said that “FIFA is all about scoring goals” and that EA caters to “a lot of people [who] just want to be able to score goals and have their lobbed-through ball work every time.” Ouch!

The last football game I played was FIFA 97, so I’m not sure how true Bhatti’s comments are, but it’s worth noting that during gamescom 2014, FIFA 15 was the most pre-ordered game according to Amazon UK. If any of our readers play either or both of the franchises, let us know what you think of this.

[Source: NowGamer]