Resogun Patch 1.04 Increases Custom Ship Slots, Fixes Bugs

September 2, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With a surprise release (even to developer Housemarque), patch 1.04 for Resogun is now available to download on PlayStation 4, increasing the custom ship slots to 10, fixing bugs, and tweaking the game.

Here’s the list of notes for patch 1.04:

  • Editor: Custom ship slots increased to 10
  • All Modes: Tweaked weapons on lower upgrade levels to be more enjoyable (most noticable on Phobos)
  • All Modes: Tweaked boost to be slightly more aggressive on lower attributes (most noticable on Phobos attribute setup)
  • All Modes: Made humans not react to homing missiles to help avoid surprise deaths
  • All Modes: Made Phobos main bullets not explode upon impact with Humans
  • All Modes: Fixed rare bug where input would get lost during online play (this should fix the “boost not working” bug players were complaining about)
  • Arcade: Made Overdrive score cap to 10k instead of 1k (this change does NOT affect Survival scoring)
  • Arcade: Keeper Swarmers and Large Swarmers no longer leave the playfield
  • Arcade: Fixed bug where ordered Keepers on Febris would show up in incorrect order in online coop
  • Survival: Made Munchers (human “eaters”) have a minimum human absorption time of 7 seconds (gives player enough time to react now)
  • Survival: Fixed shields and powercubes bugging in online coop
  • Various small rendering fixes and tweaks (bloom tweaks, particle effects for weapons, custom ship rendering, text placement etc.)
  • Various small bug fixes and optimizations throughout the game and menus

If you’re looking for more Resogun content, you can buy the Season Pass right now in the PlayStation Store, which includes access to the Heroes expansion and more DLC scheduled to release by June 2015.

Housemarque’s other PS4 game, Alienation, was recently announced at gamescom.

[Source: Housemarque]