Battlefield Hardline Max Level to be at 150, Confirms Visceral Games

September 8, 2014Written by Alex Co

Battlefield Hardline2

Visceral Games boss Steve Papoutsis has answered a few questions when it comes to the studio’s upcoming shooter, Battlefield Hardline.

First up, Papoutsis confirms that the second beta for Hardline, set to go live in January 2015, will be open to all platforms — yes, that means PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players will take part in it, too, and will join their PS4, Xbox One and PC brethren.

Additionally, Papoutsis has also confirmed the Battlefield Hardline max level; which is at 150 ranks — at least at launch.

We’ve been playing with the exact number, but it’s looking to be 150 at launch.

Now, if you’re a Battlefield vet and/or a Premium member, you’ll get some sort of benefit, though it hasn’t been disclosed just what it will be. In previous Battlefield games, some of the veteran rewards were a unique dog tag and a knife skin.

Papoutsis also confirmed a few armaments coming to the shooter such as the M911 hand gun, M416 assault rifle, and ballistic shield. In addition to that, Team Deathmatch (TDM) has been confirmed to be making a return in Hardline as well.

Lastly, the Visceral Games chief confirmed that Hardline will have a Spectator mode, and that details on the game’s first expansion pack is expected to be revealed in January — a month before the game is released on store shelves.

Are you excited to play BF Hardline or are you one among the group of people that don’t think Hardline is a true Battlefield game?

[Source: Twitter (Steve Papoutsis) via MP1st]