Possible Mass Effect Trilogy PS4 and Xbox One Hint Gets Dropped by BioWare GM

Earlier today, Aaryn Flynn, the GM for BioWare’s Edmonton & Montreal studios, sent out a Tweet that has people speculating on whether or not the Mass Effect Trilogy is coming out on current-gen consoles.

In his Tweet, Flynn mentions that there he currently has no news on the possibility of the Mass Effect Trilogy coming to current-gen systems, but mentions that BioWare will release any information about it when he does get some information to share.

This has led numerous people to comment on his Twitter feed and ask him what exactly his statement means, if it means anything at all. Instead of explaining, Flynn commented on everyone’s speculative posts with the words “my thoughts exactly.”

What do you think that Flynn’s somewhat cryptic Tweet means? Do you think the Mass Effect Trilogy will be coming to current-gen consoles? If so, would you pick it up?

[Source: Aaryn Flynn (Twitter)]