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“Dragon’s Dogma Online” Trademarked, New Game Teased for 2015

Following the cryptic message on Dragon’s Dogma‘s website, it appears as if Capcom has trademarked the name Dragon’s Dogma Online in Europe. On top of that, various higher-ups who worked on Dragon’s Dogma have come out and said that they will be announcing a new game soon, although it has not been confirmed whether or not that game will be Dragon’s Dogma Online.

During Dengeki PlayStation, the director of Dragon’s Dogma and the producer of the game’s Dark Arisen expansion pack both hinted that a new game would be announced soon and would come in 2015. They said the following:

  • Dragon’s Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno: We’ve got several games in the pipeline right now. One of them is even in the last stages right now. We should be able to announce it soon.

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen producer Minaeu Matsukawa: We’re working really hard to get ready for people to learn about what we have coming up in 2015 and get them excited to play those games.

What do you think about all of the Dragon’s Dogma teases? Do you think that the new game Capcom will be announcing soon will be Dragon’s Dogma Online?

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