Naughty Dog Discusses Uncharted 4 Graphics and Why Nathan Drake Looks So Good on PS4

During PlayStation Experience, a panel of Naughty Dog employees talked about how they brought Nathan Drake and Uncharted to the PS4, giving an inside view on what changes that needed to occur.

The video brings users behind the scenes, giving an inside at look at the technical, visual, and conceptional processes of creating the famous Uncharted protagonist and modeling him for the PS4. As we have already seen, there are quite a lot of differences between the Nathan Drake of Uncharted 4 and the one of Uncharted 3, and that transformation is explained in the video.

On top of that, the video also talks about how the environment will impact Nathan Drake’s look. Apparently, both water and wind will have noticeable affects on the protagonist, explained the game’s lead character artist.

This shows how the water affects Drake’s hair. Normally when the hair leans over, the weight of his hair makes it lean left or right due to the gravity of his head. It’s very subtle but his hair is affected by his position of the body, the shader of his hair also changes so it seems that his hair is hanging down.

“When he gets in and out of water, it will affect his shader and make it more shiny and all the fancy that makes it [look] awesome. We are working back and forth with many other people and many other departments, so the person who is handling the wind also works on the shaders and he works on the mesh which allows us to work on the wind. When he goes under a waterfall, the water seeps in his shirt.

Obviously, despite how great Uncharted 3 looked, Uncharted 4 will blow it out of the water.

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube) via GamingBolt]