PSN Currently Down for Some Users, Sony Looking Into It (Update 2)

Update 2:

Sony has removed the Heavy Network Traffic warning from the PSN Status Page, now saying that the network is fully online!

The PSN will be down tomorrow for scheduled maintenance though, so be sure to plan around that.


While the PSN Status Page says there’s still Heavy Network Traffic, Ask PlayStation confirmed the earlier issues have been resolved:

Original Story:

A number of users on Reddit are complaining that the PlayStation Network is once again down. This has also been confirmed by members of our staff, who also noticed it was offline.

No explanation has currently been given, but it could have something to do with the planned maintenance that will be going on later in the week. According to Ask PlayStation, it looks like Sony is aware of the issue and is looking into it.

We here at PSLS will keep you updated on the status of the network.

 [Source: Reddit, Ask PlayStation (Twitter), PSN Status Page]