CD Projekt RED: The Witcher 3 Approaching a “Slighty Different Kind of Experience” Compared to Dragon Age: Inquisition

With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition both sharing a fantasy setting, being AAA RPGs, it’s understandable if some people naturally compare the two. 

During our The Witcher 3 interview with CD Projekt RED, we asked Level Designer Miles Tost and VP of Global Marketing Tomasz Jarzbowski what differences do their RPG have compared Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Miles Tost: I think, we are a completely different kind of fantasy. Like Dragon Age is more kind of high fantasy, like dragons and spells, and The Witcher is more grounded, fantasy may be a part of the world, but it isn’t the main thing. There is magic in the world, but only a few people are able to cast it, and it is anchored to a certain view that people have towards it. It is much more about the people living in the world, and it just so happens to have all of these kinds of monster roaming around. Fantasy gives us more of a kind of freedom as well to design the world with.

Tomasz Jarbowski: We fully admire what Dragon Age has achieved with a couple game of the year awards and it is really nice. I played that game and I really enjoyed it, but we are approaching a slightly different kind of experience, which is a very very deep type of story telling. I think that if you go into The Witcher world very heavily, you will discover just how many things you can discover.

While Dragon Age: Inquisition has proven to be a huge success for both EA and BioWare, and even almost copped our Game of the Year nod for 2014, The Witcher 3 looks to be shaping up quite as nicely, too.

Will it be on par with BioWare’s latest game? We’ll know for sure when The Witcher 3 becomes available on the PlaySation 4, Xbox One and PC this May.

Do you think The Witcher 3 will surpass Dragon Age: Inquisition as the best RPG available for now-gen platforms? At this point, what would The Witcher 3 need to do in order to pass Inquisition?

Stay tuned to our full interview with CD Projekt going up later today.