Poker Comes to PS4 With ‘Pure Hold’em’ From VooFoo Studios

From VooFoo Studios, the makers of Pure Pool, Pure Hold’em was announced this week for PlayStation 4, marking the first poker game on the console when it releases later this year.

With the developers “not holding back on stunning visuals, silky-smooth gameplay, or the purity of the experience,” you can expect full online multiplayer support in Pure Hold’em, allowing you to create a tournament with up to 8 friends, or join an open table with other players.

Community Manager Emily Crees adds:

Start your journey at the Joker table and work your way up to top of the Masters table. Buy your way into a game with credits, play your blinds, go all in – whatever it takes to steal the pot and win the game. If Lady Luck is on your side, you could win big and get the chance to enter a higher level table. The higher you go, the higher the stakes and the bigger the winnings! Don’t worry if you lose it all though, we’ve also included a High/Low game you can play to gain daily extra credits so you can start over!

In terms of environments, you’ll be to play in the casino, and for those who reach the Aces and Masters table, you’ll move up to the VIP penthouse. You’ll also be able to customize the colors and patterns of the table felt, while also choosing the set of cards and poker chips you want to play with.

Answering a few questions on the PlayStation Blog, Crees said, “We’ve not got a Vita version planned at the moment, but this could always change in the future.”

As for using real money, she replied, “The betting system is with in-game currency. Using real money/store credit is not supported in Pure Hold’em.”

Since the feature list is being finalized, Crees couldn’t confirm whether video chat would be included. However, she was able to say, “There are currently no plans for character customization, as we feel characters would distract from the main purpose of Pure Hold’em.”

[Source: PS Blog]