Tower of Guns Launch Trailer Features the Craziness You’ll Experience Next Week on PS4, PS3

Announced yesterday as an April 2015 PlayStation Plus free game in North America and Europe, Tower of Guns from Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games launches on April 7 in North America and April 8 in Europe for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, complete with cross-buy. It will then come to Xbox One April 10.

A “relentless celebration of everything you love about old-school first-person shooters,” Tower of Guns features fully randomized levels and enemies, gigantic bosses, over 20 weapons, upgrades, gear modifications and secret stages. If you happen to die within the game, you’ll return to the beginning of the challenge stronger and better equipped than before.

After unlocking everything, you can play through Endless Mode where you face a room after room of progressively more difficult enemies until you die.

Grip CEO Jakub Mikyska said:

Tower of Guns is the perfect treat for first-person shooter fans on the PSN and on Xbox. It’s fully loaded up with content, endless gameplay, over-the-top weapons and upgrades – oh, and yes, and it definitely has an attitude.

On the PlayStation Blog, he revealed there won’t be a Platinum Trophy in Tower of Guns:

There’s 1 Golden, I think 4 silver and a few more bronze. It is mostly trophies for unlocking stuff (progressing through the game), skill (don’t get killed) and some funny ones (stay airborne for a long time), etc.

He also shot down a Vita version:

Trust me that we tried running it on Vita, but it would require too many compromises. The game can have 100s of bullets and other items on screen at the same time, all of them fully rendered, running within the physics engine, with collisions, etc (you can actually jump on some bullets… try that in Killzone)… without going into too much detail, that is a lot more demanding that pretty textures. We have more games in planning for this year and some of them are definitely going to Vita as well!

If you don’t have PlayStation Plus, Tower of Guns will cost $14.99.

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]