The Last of Us as an “8-Bit” Game Would Have Been Pretty Funky

Ever wonder what The Last of Us would look like as an 8-bit game? No? Me neither, but here it is anyway.

Thanks to Vimeo user John Meehan, you can see what The Last of Us would have looked like had it been made in the 1980’s. The short video is basically just a remake of the emotionally charged beginning of the highly-rated PlayStation 3 title,  but its actually done fairly well. Of course, some people on NeoGAF have pointed out that this is actually 16-bit instead of 8-bit, but that’s alright.

Be aware that if you’ve never played The Last of Us, the above video does contain plot spoilers. Think this would have made a good game back in the day?

[Source: John Meehan (Vimeo) via NeoGAF]