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Report: Uncharted Trilogy Listed by Retailer for PS4, Set for September 2015 Release

While the listing has now been taken down, retailer Cede briefly listed the Uncharted Trilogy HD Edition for PlayStation 4 with a release date of September 30, 2015. As pointed out on Reddit though, the box art used on the listing (above) is a user created one, so definitely treat this listing as a big rumor for now.

In addition to fans wanting it and Sony potentially leaking a screenshot for it, Naughty Dog themselves have said the three Uncharted games “would be really cool to have” on PS4. Shuhei Yoshida, meanwhile, called them “a good candidate” for getting the remaster treatment on PS4.

If an Uncharted Trilogy for PS4 is going to happen, we’ll likely have to wait until E3 2015 to find out. But with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End delayed until Spring 2016, it would be able to give fans some Uncharted this year.

Do you think there’s any way Sony doesn’t announce an Uncharted Trilogy this year?

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