Dark Souls II Sold Over 2.5 Million Copies, Dragon Ball XenoVerse at 2 Million

Bandai Namco video games have apparently been selling pretty darn well as of late.

At their Global Gamers Day event, Bandai Namco announced that Dark Souls II has sold over a whopping 2.5 million copies since it first came out last year. Sales from Dark Souls II: Scholars of the First Sin, a recently released new version of the RPG, were taken into accounted.

It was also recently revealed that Dragon Ball XenoVerse has sold over 2 million copies since its launch in Febrauary of this year. Last month, around 1.5 million copies were sold, meaning around half a million copies were sold in the last few weeks. Not bad.

Do you play either one of these games? What do you think about them each selling millions of copies?

[Source: Siliconera]