PS4 Gets Official Price Cut in the Middle East

Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles are now quite a bit cheaper in Middle Eastern countries, all thanks to an official price cut.

While the price of a PS4 in KSA (Saudi Arabia) used to be around 1,899 SR ($500), that price has now been slashed down to around 1,649 SR ($440). Below you can find the new prices for PS4 consoles in other Middle Eastern regions:

  • KSA: 1,649 SR
  • UAE: 1,599 AED
  • Kuwait: 124.90 Dinar
  • Bahrain: 164.90 Dinar
  • Oman: 169 Riyal
  • Qatar: 1,599 Riyal

While the price of a PS4 console in the Middle East is still a bit higher than a console in the US, the price cut is definitely nothing to scoff at. Will this price cut impact you at all? The UK has also cut PS4 prices, and although that price cut is only temporary, it makes this a great time to buy a PS4!

[Source: PlayStation Middle East (Twitter), GearNuke]