Musical Shooter Cosmophony Releases Next Week on PlayStation Vita (Update)


During the PlayStation Blogcast yesterday, it was confirmed that Cosmophony is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita next week, complete with cross-buy.

Original Story:

A musical rail shooter, Cosmophony is coming to PlayStation Vita next week on May 5 in North America and May 6 in Europe for $4.99, The Vita Lounge reports.

Released last year on PlayStation 3 in Europe, the new trailer from port team Moving Player suggests it will include cross-buy and come to PlayStation 4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita, but so far Vita is the only confirmed platform for next week.

Running at 60fps, here’s the details about Cosmophony from the press release last year celebrating its mobile launch:

A rail shooter with high challenge …

  • Embodying the heart of a fallen goddess, you have to avoid all obstacles on your route to the left or right and destroy your enemies shooting them. The difficulty of the game is hard but increase with your progress like an arcarde game.

… and also plays with his ears!

  • The main innovation of the game comes from its musical part and especially the level design, developped to make you play following the Drum & Bass music. Kill enemies, dodge obstacles or pass checkpoints in the sound’s beat, the title was thought to be inseparable from his music to progress through the levels.

Two game modes to improve your level

  • The first “Practice” mode gives you the opportunity to workout on 8 sections of each level already unlocked. Like listening to the best passages of music, check again each section as many times as you want. It is imperative to go through this training if you want to complete all levels.
  • The second “Normal” mode is the harsh reality of Cosmophony, this is where you will save each world, unlock the next levels and the associated success. No failure is allowed, a collision with an enemy or obstacle and this is finished for you.

An original soundtrack by DJ Salaryman

  • DJ Salaryman recognized in the world of Drum & Bass, has partnered with Bento to make the soundtrack specially designed to Cosmophony. Their partnership was allowed to think the gameplay and level design around a different vision of classical music games.
  • Thus, every action is given rhythm on the soundtrack without being a source of scoring. The gameplay focuses only on his ability to sneak through the levels.

    Feel the music by the many combined stimulation of video background and level design also enables progress through its memory.
  • A “listening“ mode is also available to enjoy videos of each song.

Cosmophony will feature 10 Trophies, including two Gold and one Silver.

[Source: The Vita Lounge]