Project CARS DLC Plans Revealed By Slightly Mad Studios, First Track Expansion Arrives in July

Their commitment to keeping Project CARS up-to-date in terms of content, “without being locked in to a pre-paid scheme,” Slightly Mad Studios announced Project CARS On Demand today.

With On Demand, Slightly Mad will give Project CARS “continual free updates that improve and expand upon the original core game, free cars and vehicle liveries delivered at no extra charge, and additional content made available without the usual obligation to purchase a long-term season pass” throughout 2015 and beyond.

So far, the Lykan Hypersport and ten community-created liveries have been given away, with today bringing the Racing Icons Car Pack. This new pack adds two Bentley GT and Prototype models, plus three more GT machines from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and McLaren.

You can learn more about On Demand over here, with update 1.04 coming soon and addressing ghosting on PlayStation 4, improved frame rate on Xbox One, more realistic AI behavior in wet weather situations, and more.

Another future free update will also bring these:

  • Fixes for the highest priority issues identified by the community
  • Improved balancing and defaults
  • Additional functionality and expanded support for existing features
  • Brand-new items that open up new possibilities within the game
  • Support for new hardware released

The second free car and second pack of community liveries are coming soon, with the first track expansion coming in July. In all, Project CARS will add 12 unique locations consisting of road tracks, historic locations, modern circuits, and ovals through Track Expansion Packs, which also include vehicles.

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