No Man’s Sky Coming to PS4 & PC at the Same Time, Release Date Announcement “Soon”

During the PC-focused E3 2015 event last night, Hello Games’ Sean Murray confirmed that No Man’s Sky will release on PlayStation 4 and PC at the same time.

As well, Murray revealed that a release date announcement for No Man’s Sky was originally planned for E3, but instead we’ll learn the date soon:

We were actually going to announce a release date at E3, but for reasons we can’t. We’re going to announce a release date soon, and when we do, it will be for PC and PS4 at the same time.

Back in 2014, Murray said No Man’s Sky would be making its console debut on PS4 and a PC version could follow. He said at the time, “If I’m honest, we’re taking on quite a lot at the moment. We’re definitely coming to PS4. I would like to come to PC. Whether that arrives the same day – we’re a small team!”

Whenever No Man’s Sky does release, it will have “the full weight of PlayStation behind it.”

When do you think we’ll see No Man’s Sky?

[Source: IGN, Gematsu]