Vampyr Confirmed for PS4, New RPG From Dontnod Launches in 2017

Unveiled earlier this year, developer Dontnod (Remember Me, Life is Strange) and publisher Focus Home Interactive have confirmed that Vampyr is launching in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Vampyr is a new role-playing game “which promises to offer a unique, deeply immersive role-playing experience steeped in vampire mythology.”

Set in early 20th century Britain as the country is set upon by the Spanish flu, you play as Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon transformed into a vampire upon his return home from the frontline. 

The description adds:

Explore the darkly atmospheric streets of early 20th century London, and interact with a multitude of characters with their own identities and importance. Accept and fulfill the missions they give you, but don’t forget: sooner or later, you will have to feed, and make a difficult choice… who will be your prey? Absolutely all characters in the game are potential victims of your vampiric lust. Carefully study the habits of your next victim, his or her relationships with other characters, and set up your strategy to feed, unnoticed: seduce them, change their daily habits, or make sure they end up alone in a dark street… 

While feeding on human blood keeps you “alive” and unlocks new powers, you have to be careful who you hunt, as the person will be gone forever and their death changes the world around you.

Vampyr will include dynamic real-time combat, blending “hard-hitting melee combat with ranged shooting mechanics and the supernatural vampire powers” as you battle vampires, vampire hunters, and other creatures. Since your health and energy are one and the same, using supernatural powers to help you out in battle will eventually have you feeding during combat.

A crafting system also allows you to gather materials from corpses and the environment, then create tools, weapons, and ammo.