Gal Gun Double Peace Has Dragon Quest-Inspired Mini Game on PS4, Touchscreen Crap on Vita

Gal Gun: Double Peace will be arriving on Japanese game shelves on Aug. 6 for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Inti Creates has shared a piece of content that varies between the two, which comes in the form of mini games.  The PlayStation 4 version has the Dragon Quest-inspired “Mama Kita Gamen,” which translates to “(the) Mom’s Here! Screen.” The game gets its name from mom coming into the bedroom and scrambling to get clothed in time. (I don’t know about you, but any time I’m behind a closed door, I ain’t decent neither.) The full version of the above screenshot is in the gallery below, and you can see from the command menu just how (old) Dragon Quest the setup is.

The Vita version will take advantage of the touchscreen and allow players to participate in what appears to be the molestation of high schoolers. “Use the Vita’s touch screen to rub nice places,” it says. You can probably thank this mode for the Vita version not being compatible with PS TV.

[Source: 4Gamer]