Rocket League Getting Both Paid and Free DLC This Month

Rocket League, the futuristic sports game that just came out today on PlayStation 4 and PC, will be getting both paid and free DLC later this month.

In a new press release, it was announced that the game’s first piece of paid DLC, Supersonic Fury, will include new “Battle-Cars, Rocket Boosts, Decals, Wheels, and more,” and it will release alongside a free DLC map. The map, which was not given a name, was apparently “inspired by the classic SARPBC arena, Utopia.”

The first Rocket League downloadable add-on pack, “Supersonic Fury,” which includes new Battle-Cars, Rocket Boosts, Decals, Wheels, and more, will be available for purchase later this month simultaneously with a FREE new DLC Map inspired by the classic SARPBC arena, Utopia.

The price of the Supersonic Fury DLC was not revealed, but at least it was announced that all future DLC maps will be free. Rocket League released today as a free PlayStation Plus game on PS4, and it has already run into a few issues.

Have you been able to play it yet?