F1 2015 Day One Update Details Revealed, No DLC Planned

F1 2015 is set for release tomorrow and as is the norm with most games these days, there’s a day-one F1 2015 update.

The patch (1.01) includes updated 2015 car models, handling data, the addition of the Manor Marussia F1 Team and lots more, which you can see below.

Steering wheels:

  • All 2015 cars have their proper 2015 steering wheels in the updated version. 


  • All cars have the new correct 2015 bodywork
  • Addition of the Manor F1 team
  • McLaren has had a full livery update
  • Mercedes has had a minor livery update
  • Williams sponsor changes plus minor livery change
  • Force India sponsor changes
  • Red Bull sponsor changes
  • Ferrari sponsor changes

Performance and handling characteristics for all cars have been adjusted to mirror the 2015 season so far:

  • Engine performance and power delivery characteristics have been changed

  • Aero/Drag balance has been adjusted

  • AI Driver stats have been adjusted based on their season performance

  • The AI have been trained to drive the new updated cars, with full awareness of all of the changes

In related news, those looking forward to a Career Mode in F1 2015 will be sad to know that it won’t be included out of the box, and it seems it won’t be patched in soon anytime either, as Game Director Paul Jeal mentions how the studio is looking to reintroduce the mode in next year’s iteration.

You’re not going to tell us what’s in F1 2016 – but come on, tell us what features you’d like to include in an F1 game when the technology becomes more mature.

We’ve got a number of different ideas, one I can’t share with you! It would be a brand new feature never seen before in the franchise though; we just want to make sure that if we do it, we can do it justice.

The other two things we’ve done before. Classic content was something that was in 2013. It was a huge licensing undertaking but it’s definitely something we want to do again in the future. Career mode isn’t in 2015 – we felt like we weren’t able to put career mode to the level we wanted, so that’s something we’re also looking at. We’ll also wait until it’s out in the market and evaluate what people actually like – what they are playing, what features do they like the most?

Jeal also confirms that there are no DLC plans for F1 2015 and explains why.

Not for this one. It’s quite a tough game to sort out downloadable content for. The license is based on the 2015 season, and then if you want any additional tracks and cars, all of that’s extra money. It’s something we want to look at for the future – when we look at classic content, for example, or whatever else we might do.

Visual updates are also tricky for us, and we were one of the few who were happy that drivers are no longer allowed to change helmet design – I think that Lewis and Seb [Vettel] changed theirs after every race. It’s too much to keep on top of. One team changed their livery and or noses every race. So at the point we could get access to photography, make it, get it signed off, and get it out to the consumer, there would be another one out – it’s just unrealistic to do.

Are you looking forward to F1 2015? And are you OK with the game no having DLC?

[Source: Videogamer, Red Bull]