Kingdom Hearts 3 “Basic Systems and Mechanics” Have Been Established

The groundwork for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been completed, Square Enix recently revealed.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Director Tetsuya Nomura talked about how the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 is going, mentioning that while the “ground foundations” of the RPG are completed, the progress of  “various smaller items” is varied.

For the most part we’ve established the ground foundations, like the basic systems and mechanics of what’s going to go in the game. Development of that is pretty much close to complete. But of course, since this is an HD title, it’s now building the resources, and development of the ‘mass’ elements of it, like mass production of the areas and the actual things that are going into the game.

Other elements, including the mini-games and other various smaller items; their progress is very varied…some of them are polished and very close to final state, but at the same time some elements are still in the planning phase and I haven’t laid out the groundwork yet. But the basic structure of what’s going to go in the game is set, it’s now a matter of mass production of the different elements.

Are you excited that the basic foundation of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been completed?

[Source: OPM UK via PSU]