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Fan Releases English Dub of 1998 Metal Gear Solid Radio Drama

Metal Gear Solid fan, Josh Griffiths, has unearthed Konami’s and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s 1998 Metal Gear Solid radio drama, an English dub of which he has released on YouTube. 

Directed by Shuyo Murata (Metal Gear Solid 4) and written by the series’ military adviser Motosada Mori, the 12-part drama was a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid, and was only released in Japan. Griffiths has released part one (Recon & Rescue) so far, but plans to release all twelve.

According to Eurogamer, the drama presents alternate scenarios in which Snake and his comrades still work for the US government. In part one (above), Snake investigates a plane that has been shot down. 

Dubbing isn’t top-notch, but this is an interesting find for Metal Gear fans. Enjoy!

[Source: Josh Griffiths (YouTube) via Eurogamer]