PS4 Firmware Update 2.57 Is Now a Mandatory Download, New Patch Note Detailed

Released over a month ago as an optional download, Sony has now made PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.57 mandatory for all users, meaning “you cannot connect to the PSN and online services if you choose not to complete this update.”

A 245MB download, we previously knew this update included the same old “system software stability during use of some features has been improved” note, but today, they detailed another change within 2.57:

Change to the error message when attempting to download content without enough free space. The new message is – Cannot download.

To download the content, you must delete unnecessary content from system storage. You can do this by selecting [Settings] > [System Storage Management].

If you receive the above message delete game data to free up HDD space. 

If you need to download the update to a USB stick, head over to the US or UK PlayStation sites for more information.

A reason wasn’t given as to why Sony made the update mandatory, but it might have something to do with the fact that firmware update 3.00 is about to enter the beta phase.

[Source: PlayStation Forums via Chris Owen (Twitter)]