Capcom “Extremely Happy” With Resident Evil HD, Pleased With Performance of Its Remasters

Capcom is quite pleased with its remasters, especially Resident Evil HD, which was a huge commercial success for the company. In an interview with MCV UK, Marketing Director Antoine Molant said that Capcom was “extremely happy” that the title became the fastest-selling day-one digital game on PlayStation Network, and sold well worldwide. However, he revealed that Resident Evil HD‘s success wasn’t the reason behind the decision to work on Resident Evil 0 Remastered as the latter was already in development when the former was released. 

Resident Evil 0 was already in the development pipeline when Resident Evil HD was released so that game’s success wasn’t really part of our decision to bring that title to the gamers. Given what we have seen from the fan base since the announcement, we expect it to do extremely well.

Molant reiterated the company’s stance on remastered games, stating that the success of Resident Evil HD has made Capcom “look at remastered games in the future.” However, this isn’t the only game that led to the company focusing on remasters. Molant revealed that Capcom is also “very happy” with the performances of DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

“It goes back to these questions: ‘Can we deliver to the right level of content and quality?’ and: ‘Do our fans want it?’” he explained. 

Molant said that he can’t comment on any future projects yet.

[Source: MCV UK]