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Nolan North Says Fans Don’t Want an Uncharted Movie

Nolan North, the voice actor behind Nathan Drake, recently mentioned that he doesn’t think fans of the Uncharted games want them to be turned into a movie.

In an interview with GamesOfficialNews, a video of which can be seen above,  North explained that he’s heard from fans, and they don’t want a movie.

My opinion on this–from what I’ve heard from fans–is they don’t want a movie, no matter who’s the star of it. Maybe it’s because [the Uncharted series] is such a cinematic experiences in and of itself.

North continued by referencing the latest Hitman movie, which was reviewed poorly, saying that it might not be “financially feasible” for an Uncharted movie to be made. He also said that people have an emotional attachment with the games, and it might be hard for people to see another actor playing Nathan Drake.

I don’t know if it’s financially feasible for the studios to make this film anymore. Personally, that’s just my feeling. Hitman wasn’t received very well and others have not done very well. Some have, I know Resident Evil did ok, but that’s a different genre.

My other opinion about this game is I think the emotional investment people have with Nathan Drake is so high that it would be very difficult for them to accept somebody else, even me with my face as Nathan Drake. They’d recognise the voice, but I don’t know if they’d accept me.

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[Source: GameNewsOfficial (YouTube) via GameSpot]