Latest Hitman Video Tells How Fans Reacted to the First-Ever Unveiling

If you were keeping tabs at this year’s E3, then one of the highlight announcements was IO Interactive’s Hitman reveal. What people didn’t know was that the game has already been revealed prior to its official reveal, but to a super select number of people.

In a press release, IO Interactive has now rolled out the video showing the “super fan” reactions it got from Hitman’s real reveal.

Before we announced HITMAN to the world at E3 2015, a small group of super fans were the very first people outside of Io-Interactive to see and play the game.

This video captures what happened that day and during our announcement a few weeks later. We also hear from our Studio Head and Creative Director talking about what we’re aiming to achieve with this new HITMAN game. Go to to get involved!

Hitman will make its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2016. You can read up on the game’s content rollout schedule here.