Uncharted 2 Isn’t Uncharted 4 (Best Video Game Podcast #9)

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Someone played Uncharted 2 and thought it was Uncharted 4, then got mad at Naughty Dog for not being fresh enough. This raises questions about games writers and editors. Who is qualified to go to TGS? What went wrong there? And then one of the biggest game sites on the internet apparently doesn’t follow news about games it reviews? It’s a landslide of fail!

But also some good stuff, as noted by the show notes below.

00:32 – Nier 2 Way More Platinum Than Square

01:29 – Platinum can solve Nier’s problems

02:48 – Holy crap, a positive Kickstarter Story!?!?

04:25 – Teens love their game boxes! (This is news?)

07:29 – Video game music saving the symphony

09:00 – “Bleeps and bloops”

11:08 – Cultural differences in reception for Video Games Live

13:15 – “The Uncharted Guy” confuses Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 4

14:55 – TGS is not super English friendly. Should attending writers speak Japanese?

16:30 – Miscommunications happen even if you do speak Japanese

18:32 – The Placebo Effect changes how you view games, says study

19:45 – Blame Game

25:56 – IGN joins the party with incorrect images

28:33 – Hey, I like single-player shooter campaigns. Where are they going?

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