Telltale Teases The Walking Dead: Michonne Release Soon, No Season 3 News Until After Michonne Is Done

Job J Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications at Telltale Games, talked about their upcoming release plans, which may include a surprise launch for The Walking Dead: Michonne:

Telltale is famous for putting games out the week following release date announcements, so don’t be surprised if Episode 1 of Michonne is out this month.

Speaking of Episode 1 in the Michonne mini-series, Stauffer revealed that it will be less than three hours:

TV & Telltale thrive in consumable, single-sitting content. I’m at hour 3 of installing Fallout on PS4, longer than Michonne Ep 1.

He later added:

Not saying the Ep is 3 hrs long. Emphasizing that our episodes are brisk, consumable. Movie/feature length.

Like I said, single-sitting experiences. Our Eps are the games you can play during Fallout breaks, or binge.

Sticking with The Walking Dead, Stauffer says, “There will be no news on [The Walking Dead Season 3] until, at earliest, after the new Michonne Mini-Series concludes.”

In other Telltale Games news, Game of Thrones wraps up its first season on November 17, while Minecraft: Story Mode will see the release of Episode 3 this month.

Will you be buying The Walking Dead: Michonne?

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