Square Enix: Final Fantasy XV Isn’t Content Complete yet, Still Room to Make Changes

Earlier this week, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata revealed that the pre-beta version was complete and, following fan feedback, he’d be giving a minor role to Moogles.

Clearing up any confusion about FFXV’s development status, Square Enix Community Manager Dan Seto went on the forums to say it wasn’t content complete just yet, and there’s still time to make changes:

Whoa, hang on guys! A pre-beta is a preliminary step to a beta version so FFXV has not gone into full beta just yet. FFXV’s development is going along well but not that well :P.

So basically what this means is that the game is getting close to having all the assets locked down but there’s still room to change certain things (not everything) if need be. If the game was in beta, they couldn’t add any Moogles in :).

In a separate forum post, Seto said they’ll be keeping the big parts of Final Fantasy XV a secret:

Also be realistic about what you are asking for. There’s lots of things that people ask for that we cannot show or talk about because you’re basically asking to see the inner workings of the company which for obvious reasons we can’t do. We also will not spoil big parts of FFXV so that limits us on what we can show. FYI, demanding to see or be told about something is not feedback.

Expect to learn much more about FFXV in March 2016, including exactly when it will release in 2016.

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