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Web Game Resident Evil Contagion Returns Ahead of Resident Evil 0 HD

Prior to the launch of Resident Evil HD at the turn of the year, Capcom launched a novel web game known as Resident Evil Contagion, encouraging users to participate in a virtual campaign against that dastardly T-Virus.  

Almost a year later, the publisher is firing up a similar meta game in anticipation of Resident Evil 0 HD. Appropriately titled Re-Contagion, budding players can register at the site all in the effort of unlocking in-game costumes for Chris and Jill (BSAA outfits). This time around, there’s also the opportunity to win real-life prizes as well, with a Nemesis mask and even a William Birkin statue to commemorate the mutated Umbrella Corporation scientist. 

Raccoon City was saved from the brink of destruction during the previous contagion, but the T-Virus lingered on and has started to spread once again!

To participate in the meta game, simply register over on Capcom’s site and profess your ‘infection’ to the world. Resident Evil 0 HD is slated for a release in early 2016, and you can see how the remaster is shaping up via the recent batch of comparison screens

[Source: Capcom]