Dark Souls 3 Initially Entered Production Without Series Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki

While his return to the franchise he helped create had long been on the cards, Series Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that Dark Souls 3 initially began production without him. Only when the early build of the RPG sequel began to encounter “speed bumps” was he approached to take point.

That’s according to the man himself who, in a recent interview with IGN, recounted From Software’s early development process, and why he completely overhauled the embryonic build upon his return. 

When the idea for Dark Souls 3 came to me it was from From’s President. Not the idea itself, but the president asked me to get on the Dark Souls 3 project for which the prototyping was hitting some speed bumps. It was quite early. It’s basically been built from the ground up. So there’s no sense of having something that was made which was then touched up.

Returning to his creative mainstay after launching Bloodborne on PS4 earlier this year, Miyazaki then went on to discuss the Souls series as a whole. In his eyes, now was “the perfect time” for him to return to From Software’s franchise. 

I was reminiscing of the things I could have done in Dark Souls that weren’t possible in Bloodborne, and was reminded of the beauty of fantasy. It was the perfect time to return to Dark Souls… and inject some new ideas.

Dark Souls 3 will make its bow in Japan on March 24, 2016, and if a leaked retail listing is to be believed, From Software’s threequel is on course to launch for North America and Europe on April 12. 

[Source: IGN]