PSN Hack Leaves User $500 in the Red, Sony Promises Full Refund

Reddit user Serfbufo has published an exhaustive account revealing how a PSN hack lead to an outstanding bill of $500 being charged to his account, and the three-month long battle with Sony that ensued. 

Beginning in August, the affected party noticed how, after a security breach, a series of unauthorized payments were made to his debit card. Reaching out to Sony representatives on multiple occasions, be it live chat, phone calls or emails, Serfbufo was refunded $230 out of the total amount. 

Gaining a significant amount of traction on Reddit and via the r/gaming community — three lots of Reddit gold and more than 6,000 upvotes — the debacle has posed questions over Sony’s security on the PlayStation Network.  

Serfbufo’s most recent update, as of November 18, reveals that Sony has issued the full refund and is now awaiting confirmation. 

After speaking with a Sony representative on the phone, my account has been unbanned and I was told that I would be refunded in full. I later received an email from Sony stating that the refund had been sent to my card. I called my bank (BoA) to ask about the credit to my card, but they were unable to confirm that the payment had been sent. I have notified Sony of this and am awaiting a response.

Such an ordeal has led to much of the PlayStation faithful pushing for Sony to implement two-step verification to the PlayStation Network, thwarting unverified activity before any illicit purchases can me made. Amazon, for instance, just recently introduced the feature.  

[Source: Reddit]