Sony Gives Six Reasons Why You Should Gift a PS Vita This Holiday

Wanting to help consumers stuck on gift ideas, PlayStation Europe tweeted out six reasons why a PlayStation Vita “makes the perfect stocking-filler.”

You can check out images of the reasons in the gallery below, with all the highlights right here:

  1. Better half hogging the TV? Use your PS Vita and Remote Play to play your PS4 games on the sofa. Or in the kitchen. Or in bed.
  2. Play great new PS Vita games and PlayStation Classics wherever you like. On the bus. In the park. In space (maybe).
  3. Buy a game for PS4 and PS Vita in one purchase with cross-buy [on select titles], then use cross-save to share a save file between them. Start a game on PS4, sync your save file at home and then pick it up on PS Vita on the bus. Or in space (maybe).
  4. Maybe your better half wouldn’t hog the telly so much if you played more together. Why not use your PS Vita as another PS4 controller using Remote Play [on select titles]?
  5. Use cross-play [on select titles] to challenge your mates across systems. They’re playing on their PS4, you’re playing against them on PS Vita. In bed.
  6. Reality sucks. Augment it using front and rear cameras.

What are your reasons why someone should buy/gift a PlayStation Vita? Do you think $169.99 is a little expensive for a stocking-filler?

[Source: PlayStation Europe (Twitter), Sony]