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God Eater Resurrection Developers Talk Western Launch, God Arcs and Character Customization

With a localized version now confirmed for North America, Series Producer Yusuke Tomizawa and Game Director Hiroshi Yoshimura have shed some light on what we can expect from the western launch of God Eater Resurrection

Speaking to PSLS during Bandai Namco’s pre-Jump Festa 2016 event, the creative pair touched base on all manner of features, including the RPG’s expansive character customization options and weaponry. 

Like all of our interviews that will be rolling out from Jump Festa, our all-too-brief discussion with Tomizawa and Yoshimura was held in conjunction with the folks over at Geek Culture.

After numerous teases, the next chapter in the God Eater series is headed West. Can you talk us through the character creation and online modes within Resurrection?

Yoshimura: Okay, so the characters you see are dressed in uniforms, and there many fun options that you can play around with online, there’s plenty of depth. You can change your eye color, skin color, hair, facial features — there’s quite a bit of variation. It’s not just visuals, either; you can also adjust the voices that will feature during the cutscenes, and this will allow players to really feel a part of the story.

Tomizawa: We also have the God Arc weapons in the game, so it’s not just visual, these changes also impact the gameplay while offering players deep customisation options. These will be divided into three groups: hammer/sword, guns for range attacks and a shield. During battle, players will be able to switch between all three in real time.

In terms of localization, will the game be fully localized or can we expect Japanese voice acting with English subtitles?

Yoshimura: All the Japanese voices will be localised into English, and you will have subtitles as well.

Will there be the option to still have Japanese voice with English subtitles?

Yoshimura: It’s just going to be pure English.

god eater resurrection

Can you give us an overview of the game’s set-up?

Yoshimura: God Eater Resurrection takes place in a hub, and from here, players will be able to choose different missions before leaving to fight the Arigami. In battle, it’s the main player plus three NPCs, so you can play alone while still experiencing that multiplayer space. Weapons also have the ability to transform as you fight the Arigami, and this has become a trope of the God Eater series.

Tomizawa: It’s stylized like a living organism inside the weapon, allowing players to latch onto the enemies and take their abilities for power-ups. There is a lot of tactics involved.

In terms of the player, you’re only able to control the one character? Or can you switch to take control of other party members?

Tomizawa: So you don’t actually control them, but you can give them orders. It can be defensive, or offensive depending on your play style. When you move around the environment, you can lure the monster into a more effective area to fight. You also have the option of just leaving the group and letting the NPCs fight the monster.

How does the team battle system of Resurrection compare to God Eater 2?

Yoshimura: God Eater Resurrection is the first series, and there’s also God Eater 2: Rage Burst, which is a different series. The fighting mechanics and systems change, so there’s a lot of variety in the gameplay. For western players, they can play Resurrection first before stepping up to a more kinetic experience with God Eater 2: Rage Burst. The core gameplay is the same, of course, and if you play Resurrection before Rage Burst or vice versa, you should be OK.

Is there a story that continues on into Resurrection?

Yoshimura: In terms of story, yes, it’s connected. It’s basically God Eater 2 takes place after God Eater 1.

A special thanks to Bandai Namco and in particular Hiroshi Yoshimura and Yusuke Tomizawa for answering some of our questions. God Eater Resurrection will release in tandem with God Eater 2: Rage Burst in 2016 and for more, you can check out our hands-on preview.