SuperData Estimates PlayStation VR Will Move 1.9 Million Units in 2016, Cost $400 – $600

With 2016 set to be a big year for virtual reality, research firm SuperData put out a Virtual Reality Market Brief where they estimate that 1.9 million PlayStation VRs will be sold in 2016. Additionally, they believe PSVR will be sold for $400 – $600.

SuperData’s report covers all facets of virtual reality, suggesting that console VR will take up just 5% of the projected 38 million install base this year, compared to 7% for premium mobile VR, 17% for PC VR, and 71% for light mobile VR. They also expect Europe to be the biggest market for VR at $1.9 billion, followed by North America with $1.5 billion, Asia with $1.1 billion, and the rest of the world with $600 million for a total of $5.1 billion by the end of 2016.

Stephanie Llamas, SuperData Director of Research, said, “Initially, affordable smartphone devices will drive the bulk of sales as consumers first explore virtual reality before committing to the more expensive platforms. After this first wave, consumers will likely move more high-end VR devices on PC.”

Other findings from SuperData include that hardcore gamers are willing to spend around $300 on a VR device, and 74% of people under 18 in the US said they were “very interested” in VR.

Meanwhile, Oculus announced today that the Oculus Rift will cost $599.99 USD, with the first wave of units going out on March 28. Sony hasn’t revealed a price for PlayStation VR yet, with the release window still set for the first half of 2016.

With the Oculus Rift now priced, how much do you think PlayStation VR will cost?

[Source: SuperData, Oculus]