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Hideo Kojima’s Sony Road Trip Takes Dev to Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and Sony Santa Monica

It’s been quite the week for Hideo Kojima. On the heels of meeting with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams and visiting Sucker Punch, next on the agenda for the Metal Gear Solid creator included swinging by a number of Sony’s first-party studios.

Revealed via Twitter, Kojima was joined by PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny at Sony Bend, where the pair laid eyes on a 276 slide PowerPoint presentation. Though exactly what said slideshow involved remains a mystery. Soon thereafter, Kojima-san paid a visit to both Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica, home of the Uncharted and God of War franchises, respectively. 

And lastly, there’s also mention of a new video series entitled HideoTube. What looks set to be the spiritual successor of Kojima Station, the new program will seemingly feature interviews with the developer, though details are light on the ground at this early stage. 

The latest updates from Kojima’s Sony adventure are below. 

Where will Hideo Kojima’s business and leisure tour go next? And when will Sony green-light a road trip movie starring Kojima-san and Cerny? So many questions!

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