Far Cry Primal Gameplay Video Blowout

Still can’t get enough of Far Cry Primal even after reading our hands-on preview? Fortunately for you, we’ve also nabbed a ton of Far Cry Primal gameplay footage that shows different sections of the game. 

The three videos below total more than 20 minutes of gameplay footage, that not only shows off Far Cry Primal’s amazing visuals, but also gives us a glimpse at some of the game’s characters, setting, and of course, its unique first-person combat.

Check out the Far Cry Primal videos below and tell us what you think.

Meeting Syla (Shows the character Syla and your character’s first meeting with her. Might be considered spoilerish for some, but it’s early on in the game)

This second one shows us how your character gains his “beast vision” after undergoing some sort of blood ritual. It’s a bit creepy and trippy at the same time.

Vision of Beasts

Lastly, the final clip lasts over 10-minutes long and primarily showcases combat using a spear. 

Attack of the Udam

Based on what we’ve played so far and what we’ve seen, action fans will be in for a treat once this prehistoric title makes its way out on February 23.