Far Cry Primal Runs at 1080p & A “Mostly Perfect” 30fps on PS4, According to Pre-Release Analysis

One month ahead of the game’s launch, Digital Foundry took a look at pre-release beta code of the first three hours of Far Cry Primal, revealing that it runs at 1080p and a “mostly perfect” 30 frames-per-second on PlayStation 4.

Noting how they experienced a few, single frame-rate drops in those first three hours, Digital Foundry says screen-tearing only appeared in the top 10% of the screen, mostly during scripted cut-scenes with animal close-ups. Despite this, drops only went as low as 28fps, and “it’s an anomaly found in the very first segment, and otherwise the game is very keenly optimized to hold at an unwavering 30fps.”

After saying the gates to Oros open within the first twenty minutes, Digital Foundry went further in-depth with Far Cry Primal, detailing how smoothly it runs:

Far Cry Primal also hangs on to the series’ other core qualities. The gates to Oros are opened within the first twenty minutes; a land rich in natural detail, letting you roam wherever you choose to hunt, claim territory, and even tame wild beasts. The Dunia 2 engine is comfortably optimised on PS4 to let you charge around without any distractions like pop-in, streaming all textures, shadows and plants with no visible hitches. The only case where this is challenged on our pre-release code is in spots where the player lights bonfires, after which the camera quick-pans across scenery to show terrain changing its level of detail setting. But at a regular running pace, it’s a seamless, robust experience on console, as with Far Cry 4.

Comparing it to Far Cry 4, they say Primal features a few visual enhancements in its heavier use of volumetric effects and improved animation quality.

Far Cry Primal releases on February 23 in North America and Europe for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version following on March 1. You can read our preview over here.

[Source: Eurogamer]