PSN Down Reports Coming in on PS4, Sony Says It’s Back Online (Update)

Update 3 (11am PT):

PlayStation Europe says the PSN is back online:

Update 2 (10:15am PT):

Ask PlayStation has finally announced that they are aware of the PSN down reports:

We’re aware that some PSN users are experiencing connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate.

The PSN Status Page, however, still says everything is up and running.

Update (9:45am PT):

We’re still waiting for confirmation from Sony about the PSN issues, but in the meantime, Activision is saying Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS4 is fully offline:

Defcon 1: Services are offline. Operations team has been deployed to restore services as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Kaz Hirai parody account has been tweeting about the PSN issues:

Original Story (9am PT):

In the last 15 minutes or so, widespread reports of the PlayStation Network being down have been showing up on Twitter and Reddit, with an unscheduled maintenance message popping up for users trying access the PSN.

While the PSN Status Page says everything is up and running, Bungie is saying PSN issues are affecting PlayStation 4 users:

When asked about error code NW-31473-8 on PS4, Ask PlayStation said, “Power cycle your network devices for 3-5 minutes and then try again.”

As always, we’ll keep an eye on the PSN’s status and let you know if Sony confirms any issues.

Are you able to connect to the PSN?

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