Alekhine’s Gun Release Date Delayed Again, Now Launching on March 1 in North America

Suffering another last-minute delay, Alekhine’s Gun is now releasing on March 1 in North America for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and worldwide on PC, Maximum Games announced today. A European console release through retail and digital stores will then happen “very shortly after.”

Maximum Games didn’t offer a reason for the latest delay to their Cold War stealth game, with PR and Social Media Manager Brian Albert mentioning that they’ve learned a lot with their first worldwide release:

Over the past week, many of you reached out to us on social media with questions about a supposed change for Alekhine’s Gun’s release date. This is totally understandable. Retailers updated their sites with different dates, many of which differed from our official launch date of February 9, 2016.

On one hand, it was incredibly encouraging to see how many of you have pre-ordered our game and can’t wait to play it for yourself. You are all awesome, and we love hearing from you. But on the other hand, it was difficult to read your questions and concerns (and believe me, I read them all) and not be able to give you an official answer. I apologize for that, and with Maximum Games’ first worldwide launch nearly complete, we’re learning a lot and using that experience to improve for next time.

To see Alekhine’s Gun in action, check out the above video, where Producer Andrew Nguyen attempts to speedrun the first level and achieve the Ghost Ranking.

[Source: Alekhine’s Gun via Reddit]